Finding the perfect gift for your significant other

Finding the perfect gift for your significant other - Juvite Jewelry - sterling silver 14k gold plated jewelry

Whenever you ask your significant other what they would like for their birthday or to mark a special occasion, are you usually met with the common, “Oh, I don’t need anything...”?

What do you usually do in this case? Panic at the thought of getting them a gift they’ll like without knowing where to begin? Or just take them at their word and not buy them anything?

Here are some tips you can follow to find the perfect gift for that perfect someone: 

  1. Take them window shopping in their favorite places and keep note of what excites them.

If you know someone who loves jewelry, why not take them on a little window shopping excursion to their favorite places and pay attention to what pieces they’re drawn to. You can then pick up something similar and keep it in mind for the next time you’re with them. After you’ve taken them window shopping, bring them home and get their input on the pieces they liked and why they liked them, and then go out again and look for the jewelry again. Chances are you’ll find something they like even more!

  1. Find out their favorite color and gemstones or crystals.

When it comes to gifting, you should always ask the person what their favorite colors are and what their favorite gemstones or crystals are. If they like purple, then you know to look for something with amethyst, or if they like amethyst, then you’ll want to look for purple jewelry. They love green? Then you know emeralds and jade are going to be a winner.

  1. Ask them about their problems and their aspirations, and what might be blocking them.

This is a great time to ask them what might be blocking them from achieving their goals and what they need to get started again. Finding a special piece of jewelry with the magical energy to help find a solution might be just the right gift they need and will help to give the gesture meaning by showing them you are listening and supportive of their dreams. Check out our article about the properties of certain gemstones here.

  1. Look at the jewelry they already have to see if they prefer gold or silver, necklaces or rings, whether they are more minimalist or if they prefer bold statement pieces.

Just like your favorite scented candle, your favorite pair of jeans or your favorite song, everyone has that one special piece of jewelry that they like to wear. You’ve heard the phrase that the right accessory can make an outfit. That’s especially true when it comes to jewelry. One of the most thoughtful gifts you can give someone is a piece of jewelry that reflects their personality.

  1. Take a look at our confidence article to find whether gold or silver would fit their skin tone best.

Is your partner more of a gold or a silver person? More red or blue crystals? Check our confidence article to find out how to tell someone’s skin undertones so you can get them the piece that will reflect their inner shine.

  1. Show them a picture of the jewelry you think they would like, pretending that it was an advertisement and see how they react.

While this is not usually as subtle a move as one would wish, it's the second easiest thing to do after outright asking your partner if they like it. Pay attention to what they like, try to gauge how they react to it.

  1. Ask the friends or family members they are close with and who are familiar with their preferences.

If they don't know your partner's tastes as well as you would wish, you could still find a partner-in-crime to help you send pictures of jewelry you think your partner might like.

  1. Don’t trust your instincts.

 When buying a gift, it’s always good to ask them what they like. However, you can tell a lot about someone’s personality by observing their style and what they gravitate towards. When it comes to gifting, it’s important to take the recipient’s personality into account. It’s not because you like something that your significant other will like it.

  1. Match the jewelry to their daily lives.

Finding a piece of jewelry that you want to gift someone is a lot harder than you’d think. First of all, you’re limited by the person’s taste and style, and second of all, you have to consider their lifestyle and profession. Maybe they are a bit clumsy and don’t like having big bracelets because they will knock them around and damage them. Maybe they need to use their hands all the time and a big ring would be more of a hindrance rather than a gift to improve their lives.

  1. Try to give it meaning and connect the jewelry to a special moment or with an experience they’ll never forget.

A great gift is one that comes from the heart. A great gift is one that the receiver will remember forever. You can find a piece of jewelry that not only represents you and your personality but also represents the person you’re gifting it to.

  1. Learn about their culture if they are close to it and find something symbolic.

Is your partner is attached to their culture or looking to find out more about their origins, finding something related to their culture shows that you have been listening to them and support them on their journey to discover who they are.

  1. Think about the past and anything he/she may have mentioned before.

One of the biggest reasons why people give a gift is to show someone how much they care. When someone gives a gift, they’re hoping to show that they care about you and that they’re thinking about you.

  1. Check their birthstone and buy matching jewelry.

If they enjoy astrology, horoscopes, crystals, and anything related to zodiac signs, chances are they will enjoy receiving their birthstone as gift. Make it even more special by finding out the meaning and writing a small message related to it.

  1. If all the above fails, try to stalk their wish lists on Amazon, Pinterest, Etsy.

Many people have wish lists on their favorite online apps. If you cannot ask outright to see those lists, try to stalk your partner to see if you can catch a glimpse of when they scroll through it, and to ask the right question at the right time to get them to show you more.

  1. As a last resort, buy them a gift card in their favorite store and spend time with them to select something together.

If you really like the collections that a store has to offer and you think your partner will like it too, but are having trouble choosing, a gift card can be the solution! Make a night out of it and spend time with your partner to claim the gift card with them. If their love language is time spent together, this will make it even more special.

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