Juvite Jewelry has been offering beautiful and out-of-the ordinary designs inspired by the elements for sophisticated women since 1996. From the mind of creator Igor Kontorsky, the brand was created with the essence to bring joy and happiness through the beauty of jewelry made to reflect nature.

We at Juvite, personally believe that jewelry does more than just act as any other random accessory. It defines you as a person and speaks about your personality and mood. With the right piece of jewelry you can speak without using words to define your bold and confident character.

Juvite’s Mission: To disrupt standard industry designs and inspire creativity by celebrating nature and individuality with uniquely textured metals and expertly selected gemstones.


Why The World Needs Juvite (The Vision)

To awaken and fuel people’s inherent confidence and authenticity with the power of the elements.



  • From The Brilliant Mind of Igor Kontorsky
  • Unique Fusion of Ukrainian and Thai Culture
  • “Juvit” - Bringing Joy & Happiness | “Te” - you



  • Unique Jewelry To Reflect Your Best Self
  • Statement Pieces For The Leader You Are
  • Empowering You to Dress For Success



  • Bringing You The Power Of Nature
  • Authentic Natural Gemstones
  • Quality Metals & Craftsmanship


Exquisite and Exclusive designs brought to you by Igor Kontorsky

“My journey into the world of jewelry design might have been an accidental occurrence, however what it ended up creating even astounds me today.” - Igor Kontorsky


Igor Kontorsky hails from Kiev, Ukraine and from a young age was very fond of far east and southeast Asia. This led him to join the faculty of Oriental studies at Saint Petersburg University where he studied Thai and Laotian language, literature, history and ethnography, and this love and curiosity towards South East Asia is what brought him to Thailand.

Apart from his fondness towards Asian history and culture, Igor’s curious nature always drew him to wander and explore new surroundings. As a child, this curiosity often led him to explore the many different forests in Ukraine. Perhaps it was this phase in his life that gave him the eye to capture beauty in its most rare and raw form. The unique patterns he once admired on leaves and trees or how beautifully the ravines reflected in the valley is what he tried to replicate in his designs, creating unique jewelry which could capture nature's imperfections in its perfect form.

Juvite’s designs are inspired from a contrast of glaring and frosted materials. Igor’s designs try to capture the patterns of reflection of water or wooden texture in metal, making it look as a reef stone, a folded paper or wrinkled leather. Mixing this type of textured metal with precious stones seems like a great idea that gives a nice touch and naturally leads to designs that have minimalism yet include a wild touch to them.

A little while before Juvite was established, Igor was invited to an exhibition of Thai Gems and Jewelry to conduct business affairs and was genuinely surprised by the sort of uniformity of the jewelry designs that were on sale at the exhibition. Thailand is famous for its jewelry industry and this didn’t add up to him. So he decided to experiment with his own designs.

Although the journey towards Juvite was an accidental occurrence, Igor found something that brought joy to him, and he wanted to give it to the world, hence he named it Juvite.