5 Tips To Look Confident In Any Situation

5 Tips To Look Confident In Any Situation - Juvite Jewelry - sterling silver 14k gold plated jewelry

How to look confident?

  1. Choose a bold colored lipstick to match your skin undertones.
  2. Learn to dress for your body shape and skin tone.
  3. Watch your posture, roll your shoulders back one by one and lift up your chin.
  4. Pile on the confidence armour by wearing statement pieces to represent you and your personality.
  5. Draw from elemental energies and protect yourself from bad influences with precious and semi-precious gemstones.

Choosing the right lipstick for your skin tone.

When faced with too many choices for something you may not be an expert in, your brain will go in override, panic, and drive you away from making that decision because of choice paradox, also known as analysis paralysis. With the number of choices that can be found when buying a new lipstick, it can be overwhelming to choose the right shade for your skin tone. The best way to find the right shade to boost your confidence is to start by looking at your skin undertones. Most people fall under three different categories: warm, neutral, cool.

Finding your skin undertone is surprisingly straightforward. The first step you can take is to look at your vein color. People with a cool skin undertone will have veins that appear blue under the skin. People with warm skin undertones will have green veins. Those with a mix of both blue and green, or purple veins are the luckiest with a neutral skin undertone as they can pull off any lipstick color and both gold and silver jewelry will compliment them.

Cool skin undertones look best with silver jewelry and lipsticks with a blueish or purple undertone such as Cherry Red lipsticks instead of Coral Red, while warm skin undertones will be highlighted best by gold jewelry and lipsticks with an orange or brownish undertone. People benefitting from neutral undertones will fair best by matching the colors they wear to their skin tone. If you have fair skin, you will look best with a pink lipstick. For a medium tan, you can try mauve lipsticks, while deeper skin colors would absolutely rock berry-colored lipsticks.

How to dress for confidence.

Learn to dress for your body shape and skin tone. For the colors, you can follow the same rule of thumbs as for choosing your lipstick shade, by starting with your skin undertone. Dressing for your body shape can really help to make you feel confident by looking your best for yourself first. If you feel confident and beautiful in the clothes you are wearing, you will automatically project that feeling to others, especially during first impressions.

For triangle-shaped bodies, also known as the Pear-shaped figure, will benefit the wearing bright colored and structured tops to highlight their narrow shoulders and waist, and darker bootcut or flare bottoms to balance your body’s shape and draw the attention up. Statement necklaces and earrings were made for the triangle bodies! Curvy or hourglass shapes will look best by highlighting their small waists, using structured and tailored tops like peplum tops, and fitted high-waisted pants like skinny jeans. Highlight your collarbone with a necklace from our collection. Apple-body shapes, also known as the inverted triangle figure, will look most confident in flowy tops such as silk, tweed, linen, or thick cotton. A-line and strapless dresses are also a winner combination for people with inverted-triangle figures. Bold statement bracelets and cocktails rings will bring the most confidence to this body type. Athletic, square or straight body types should bring attention to their arms with halter styles, racerback styles, scoop & round necklines, or anything strapless. Highlight your athletic figure with necklaces and earrings.

Work on your posture - Stand up straight and tall

Outside of the shades of clothes, jewelry, and lipstick you can wear to get that “Wow, you’re glowing” effect, the next best tip on our list is paying attention to your posture. For a quick fix to your posture, you can try to roll your shoulders back one by one and lifting your chin up. Keeping your shoulders down and away from your head has the benefit of unconsciously communicating to your brain that you are safe and helps to reduce stress. With 55% of communication coming from your body language, 38% being tone and only 7% being the actual words, minding your posture to appear confident becomes especially important.

Wear your confidence armour - Statement Rings and Jewelry

Pile on the confidence armor by wearing statement pieces to represent you and your personality. Show others who the boss is by wearing cocktail rings and other statement pieces that represent the authentic you. Being able to wear jewelry that stands out is a power move that communicates your position in the management ladder. It shows that you are the authority as you set the rules and do not need to dress in a uniform or follow your work’s SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures). Check out our “Queen” Ring Collection for our most daring pieces to assert your confidence.

The power of crystals and precious gemstones.

Draw from elemental energies and protect yourself from bad influences with precious and semi-precious gemstones. Our AAA certified gemstones are naturally infused with powerful energy, each with their own specialty. You are not limited by your birthstone as each gemstone and crystal can help you with specific goals. Rubies are known for their energizing, luck and wealth generating properties. Sapphires have been studied to show that they can help increase self-love, assist in removing limiting inner beliefs, and boost your creativity and happiness. Emeralds usually assist the wearer in their pursuit of love, by promoting healing and protective energies. Amethyst is well known to help with calmness by protecting you from negative energies. Citrine is one of the most powerful crystals for spiritual joy and to find balance in the shadows and light of your life. Topaz is a powerful crystal to amplify manifestations and helps most to reach personal goals.

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